Group reservations


Good to hear that you’re interested in having an event at Razmataz! Here are some conditions that we apply to keep a good vibe for everyone. Of course, we sincerely hope that all of this is not necessary, but unfortunately we have to make certain measures.

Optional booking

An optional booking can be made free of charge. As soon as another request arrives for the same date, we will contact you and ask for a final response within 72 hours. If we don’t get a respond within this 72 hours, the reservation will be cancelled.

Adjustments in the reservation

The final number of guests must be e-mailed to 7 days prior to event.

Reduction up to 10% of the number of guests up to 5 days before the start of your event is free of charge, after which the following prices will be charged:

4 days prior to event: 30% of the menu price

3 days prior to event: 50% of the menu price 

2 days prior to event: 70% of the menu price

48-0 hours prior to event: 100% of the menu price

At the time of booking, an arrival time will be discussed for the event / dinner, if the time deviates greatly from this, 35.00 euro's staff costs will be billed a hour.

Payment by invoice

We understand that with some events you would like to pay by invoice. Razmataz is happy to deliver this service for you. There are a few conditions that we maintain, where we want to inform you about in advance.

 1.    The correct invoice data needs to be known at Razmataz 2 days prior to event, these you can send by email. We ask for: trade name, contactperson, address and an email for the invoice.

2.    If you want to have any specifics on the invoice, please deliver these with the invoice data 2 days prior to event.

3.    Razmataz sends invoices only by email.

4.    Razmataz has a payment term of 14 days.

5.    When you want to have the payment by invasie, we charge 15 euro’s administration fee.

6.    If we receive incorrect data for the invoices and we need to send a new one, Razmataz has the ability to charge extra administration fee for this.

Cancellation, because you'll never know what could happen..

The guest is not authorized to cancel an agreement with Razmataz unless there is an explicitly cancelation in writing agreeing with the simultaneous irrevocable offer of the amounts specified below.

1. No show
In case of no show, the customer will in all cases be required to pay 100% of the reservation value.

2. Cancellation
When a reservation has been made for having an certain area for a period of time then the cancellation of that reservation will apply as follows:
a. If canceled more than 14 days before the intended time, the guest is required to pay 60% of the booking value to Razmataz.
b. If canceled more than 7 days before the intended time, the guest is obliged to pay 85% of the booking value to Razmataz.
c. If canceled less than 7 days before the intended time, the guest is required to pay 100% of the booking value to Razmataz.


You can decorate the Ensuite area, in consultation, with balloons or any other decorations. We would like to keep our painted walls nice, so nothing can be taped on those walls. You can use the windows and copper wall for this.

We do not allow confetti at Razmataz, these also can’t be present in balloons, or in any other kind. If confetti is used, we will charge 150 euro’s for cleaning fee.