VErmouth week

Wednesday 13.07

Kina l'Aero d'Or & Tonic

When you thought it was already weekend... but it's only Wednesday. Well, let our bar experts give you at least that special weekend vibe and serve you 'The Golden Aeroplane'. Good to go with some lemongrass, just to shake you up a little bit. 

vermout flessen_10.jpg


Originally named Kina L'Avion d'Or, L'Aero d'Or translates as The Golden Aeroplane and this white wine based bittersweet aperitifs label pays tribute to the first flight across the English Channel by Frenchman Louis Bleriot in 1909 using his newly invented monoplane.

Harkening back to a 19th century recipe Kina L'Aero d'Or uses wine made with the Cortese grape of Piedmont, Italy and blends in botanicals such as cinchona bark, ginger, sandalwood and orange peel. A bittersweet and lightly syrupy taste, combined with zesty citrus, mild quinine bitterness, flowers and warming spice. Already curious?