VErmouth week

Tuesday 12.07

Antica Formula & Tonic

Thirsty Tuesday. That means an excellent vermouth today. Just to get you comfortable with the bittersweet taste of vermouth, really good in combination with orange and cucumber. Already thirsty for more? 


Back in 1786, Benedetto Carpano created Antica Formula, thus starting the production of an entire new category of alcoholic drinks: the vermouth.

Carpano Antica Formula is the Italian vermouth par excellence, actually the first vermouth ever, made from white wine, Piedmonts muscatel and the rich wines from southern Italy. It's taste and aroma come from carefully selected brewed mountain herbs. It's vanilla bouquet is matched by notes of spices and dried fruit, such as star anise, orange peel and dates.

Capano Antica Formula is produces in limited amounts and sold in valauble blown-glass bottles. Topped by a cork, the bottles come protected in refined packages. The label is a replica of the 1786 original one.