Vermouth WeeK

Monday 11.07

Del Professore & Elderflower Soda

Monday blues? Not at Razmataz. Come in and try the special Del Professore vermouth today, perfectly combined with orange. Feel free to ask for more combinations of this tasty vermouth.


This unique vermouth has been born out of passion between Frederick Chantage, Carlo Quaglia and the boys of the Jerry Thomas speakeasy (Rome). Del Professore is the only Vermouth made of 100% Italian white and red wine with 13 herbs added, most of them to be found in the Alps nearby Turino. The vermouth gets matured in small oak barrels for six months. This results in a warm and enveloping odor of wood, vanilla, orange and balsamic. Del Professore is produced in New Castle Don Bosco in the famous distillery Quaglia, a manufacturer that has its roots in the early 19th century. 

The production is completely handmade and therefore there are very few bottles available.