A sparkling evening with popping bottles of champagne, a f#cking good dinner and sharing about what may come in 2018 and let's cherish the great moments we had in 2017...

We created a special NYE arrangement with a cocktail, amuse and 4 course menu for 50 euro's 

oyster . prosecco

salmon . gin . wasabi

Jerusalem artichoke . hazelnut . goat cheese

Pasty . mushroom . chestnut . Parmesan


Codfish . potato blini . kohlrabi . truffle


Dutch venison . fillet . sausage . parsnip

mousse of blue cheese . pear

dark chocolat mudcake . blueberries

5 courses suppl. 6e

6 courses suppl. 13e

Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary wishes We can match the dinner with mind blowing wines... See you then!